« MADe IN » is a series created by composer Pierre ESTEVE of truly unusual music presented and produced in an unusual way for an unusual audience. Each work unites a CD Extra (audio and CD Rom,) a libretto, and a decorative case whose common denominator is a same material or element.

Thus the music is made exclusively from instruments of a same material or element coming from all 5 continents. Through text, videos and pictures the libretto and the CD Rom will reveal an expected world linked to the material or element. Finally, each release will come in standard jewel box case related to the material or element of the recording.
The serie is based on the chinese classification of music instruments  (2300 before. J-C):
   Metal compounds of gongs, bells...
   Stone compounds of chimes of stones
   Silk compounds of string instruments
   Bamboo compounds of flutes
   Gourd compounds of water drums
   Argile compounds of globular flutes such as ocarina
   Skin compounds of drums
   Wood compounds of drums of ritual wood
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