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Pierre ESTEVE was born in 1961 in Cahors (Lot). Lives and works in Paris where he is settled since 1987. Sound Artist, he is a graduate of The Sorbonne in Musicology and of the Academies of Avignon and Montpellier in Harmony, Fugue and Musical Analysis. Gold medallist in Chamber music, guitar, he also receives the Price Satisfecit of the Innovation of the new technologies at the SATIS.

He gives Master's degree class and conferences on the auto-generative musical interactivity and semantics of the sound in several Universities and at Ircam. He also managed the Lab Sound of the International Institute of the Multimedia. His creation mixs arts, music, natural elements and new technologies.

Sound artist, Composer, Sculptor, Poet and Adventurer, Pierre Estève investigates new fields of creation mixing arts, in particular music, natural elements and new technologies. Dedicated to his times, he puts forward the constant dialogue between man and nature as a field of investigation and, by interacting with his work, questions spectators about their own relationship with the world.

Beyond the background noise produced by our societies, he points the “spect-Actor” toward a place of inner silence, where magic can re-enchant the world.

His installations, at the same time musical pieces, paintings, sculptures, request all the senses and invite to lose one's grip. His natural curiosity urges him to invent new languages and other modes of expression in touch with all the domains which fascinate him. He draws his energy in the pleasure of game, the thirst to discover and the meeting with the other. If the attention on the nature constitutes the main reason of the being of his works, Pierre Estève likes revealing the soul of the most industrial of materials (plastic), in particular through the recycling. By questioning the identity of the materials, he reveals the beauty in their


He also leads a composer's activity and has realized numerous soundtracks for movies and video games, as well as a series of albums based on the use of natural sound materials among which both first ones, Bamboo and Metal, are already published. He records at present the

third album, "Stone", upon which "Stalactica", completely recorded in caves, will follow.