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Iconoclast composer with a classical music education (Conservatory and conductor), specialized in virtual orchestras and world instruments, Pierre Estève surpasses with each creation.

His own collection « MADe IN », produced by Shooting Star, turns around sound materials and elements. His re-interpretation of traditional instruments coming from all over the world, opens the door to new audio experiences. Pierre Esteve is always listening to what surrounds him and its novelties. He was attracted from a young age by early computers, synthesizers and drum machines, re-discovered later by the techno generation. As a computer enthusiast, he was a pioneer in developing sound libraries for sampling in France.

After signing a contract with WEA as a singer, he becomes a very well known composer in featuring soundtracks for video games.

Each project is, for him, an occasion to explore new musical worlds: Techno hard trash for « VIRUS », Barbarian choirs for « Dragon Lore 2 », baroque and contemporaries’ music for 2nd World in « OBSCURA », Celtic mysteries for « ATLANTIS 1 – the lost tales », Chinese, Tibetan music for «Atlantis 2 », classical music for « ATLANTIS 4 – Beyond Atlantis», ritual and religious music for « DEO GRATIAS », as well as his numerous ethnic music for documentaries, are all ways for him to discover and to share.

Also composer for feature film scores, television soundtracks, ads and video games, such as « Tintin : Destination Adventure », « Black moon chronicles », « The series : Becoming a man », « Nati per volare », « Eternal Life », etc…, he actually prepares the next albums of his MADe IN series : «AIR» and « STONE », for which he has enriched his fabulous collection of world instruments. He moreover prepares exceptional sounds, recorded in prehistoric caves on stalactites and stalagmites.