Atlantis - The lost tales

In addition to music, discover in Atlantis’ double album The Lost Tales, the original drawings of this mythical adventure game. Seth’s interactive travel diary will take you into the imaginary world of Atlantis aboard his flying ship.

The music, composed by Pierre Estève and Stéphane Picq, will take you back to the origins of the Atlantean civilization: Stonehenge, Spitzbergen and Easter Island.
This double album of ethnic atmosphere, almost exclusively acoustic, mixes singers, ancient and modern instruments from around the world, to explore the mysteries of Atlantis.

Atlantis is 2 hours of music, 1 hidden track, a Rom CD beach. Come on Board is one of those musics where composers Pierre ESTEVE and Stéphane PICQ, two digital adventurers, have learned to define the rules of a new writing, turning the constraints of multimedia into challenges.

Time : 1h35 min – 23 titles