Gods messengers

Directed by Benoît Ségur– Peru

Edited by Yen LE VAN

Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED

Original Music by Pierre ESTEVE

“The Condor, the condor ! “. With their faces swollen by alcohol and reddened by the cold, their eyes misty with tears, and their voices choked with emotion, only one word, “condor” is uttered when this great bird circles above their heads.

It has been six days since Lucio, old Dimas and the other men from Cotabambas left their village and began camping at an altitude of 5,000 meters, in the Peruvian Puna. Once a year, the villagers assign them the mission of bringing back the legendary bird, the sacred messenger of the gods in order to perpetuate the secular rite of celebrating Yawar. The condor is tied to a bull, to recall the powerful, mythological Incan animal whose appearance was that of a winged bull. The next day, the condor resumes his flight towards the high plateau, free once again to join the gods of the heavens.