I Kwan, Mnong child

Directed by Jérôme Ségur – Vietnam

Edited by Yen LE VAN

Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED

Original Music by Pierre ESTEVE

I Kwan is a Mnong. He has just turned ten. Of all the peoples of south Vietnam’s high plateau, the Mnong are among the last to venture into the forest on a regular basis. They do so to capture varanuses, a sort of large lizard, as well as snakes, which they sell to the Vietnamese.I Kwan is already familiar with the world of the forest, but he still has a lot to learn. Tomorrow, he will go hunting with his father, Ma Kwan. His uncle Mahé will go with them too. For a few days, they will return to their nomadic past, in the heart of the last area of freedom : the forest.