Olympia : origin's games

Let’s come back in the stadium of the first olympics !

Documentary 52mn

Director : Olivier Lemaître
Production : Séquana média/Kalisté for France Télévisions

Original Music : Pierre Estève

Throughout the history of Ancient Greece, its renown civilization saw cities compete in  wars.However, the fighters always  knew when to find an occasion for  truce. For almost a millennium, great games  gathered cities together, in athletic events under their deities’ protection. In Olympia, athletes, the heroes of their time,  dazzled the crowds with  their exploits. With the end of  Antiquity the Olympiads were prohibited,  the stadiums destroyed and the secrets of their games were lost forever. How can one recover the memory of Olympia? 

Thanks to archeology and technology, we are can today rediscover  their sanctuaries. Trough 3d images, we will reconstruct these marvels, such as  Zeus grandiose statue,  one of the 7 wonders of the world. But also more enigmatic places where cults to gods were practiced. Using Drones combined with 3D images  allows us to discover the sites, as they were and now are.   Along  with athletes, we will recreate these spectacular games.

Thanks to very high speed images we will reveal the gestures of these athletes. Details that artists of that time had only manage to sketch. And on the hippodrome, we will witness the climax of these games: chariot races where drivers used to compete, teams as powerful as they were dangerous.

For as long as a truce lasts, lets witness the first Olympic games !