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Atlantis I²

Atlantis - The lost tales

Atlantis: The Lost Tales is a 1997 fantasy adventure video game developed and published by Cryo Interactive. Interplay Productions published the game in North America, where it released on September 30, 1997.
The game is named after its initial and most important setting, Atlantis. 

The game begins with Seth, the protagonist, joining the Queen’s Companions, the personal guardians of the Queen of Atlantis. As the story progresses, Seth learns that a power struggle is taking place between the Queen and her consort, Creon. Creon wishes to supplant Ammu, the goddess of the moon, as the most worshiped of Atlantis’ gods, replacing her with Sa’at, the sun god; he then wants to conquer the world in the name of Sa’at, using a new weapon he has developed.

The weapon is revealed to be half of a crystal that is capable of granting immense knowledge to its holder. Long ago, the crystal was split into Light and Dark halves, and the halves were hidden in Easter Island and Stonehenge, respectively. Creon found the Dark Crystal, which has a side effect of driving its holder mad.