Black samouraï

Documentary 1X52′ 

Production: ZED

Director: Jean Queyrat

Music Composer : Pierre Estève


  • Best Music Award : International Film Festival of Toulon (France) 
  • Film Festival of Columbus (United States) Plaque de Bronze



In Black Samurai, we’re thrust into the lives of the Surma people, one of the fiercest tribes of southwestern Ethiopia, where war ravages the land.

Recently, because of a terrible famine, the Surma land has been infiltrated by hundreds of their lifelong enemies, the Bumis. They are aggressively seeking new territory, leaving the Surma no choice but to physically defend their land.

In this film, we follow Wole Kiwo and his group of Surma warriors, as they watch over the confines of their territory to prevent attacks from the Bumis. 

War is about to break out, and the Surma  King decides to call for a Donga.

The Donga is a dual with long sticks during which blood must be shed. It helps to unify the clan and supply a contingent of new fighters for the upcoming battles. 

Wole Kiwo will go through the violent trial. He is ready to endure wounds that will brand his flesh with the mark of courage and forcefulness. He then will exchange his stick for a kalachnikov, and go back in the combat zone to fight back the Bumis.