CYBER GUERILLA, Hackers, pirates et secret wars

A movie by Jean-Martia Lefranc

Edited by Fabrice Averlan

Production by GEDON Programmes

Original Music by Pierre Esteve


In less than ten years, the Internet network has become accessible to everyone. The great world powers are preparing for war on the Internet. The Secret Service is recruiting hackers. Those we call hackers will be at the forefront of these cyber conflicts. Spams, scams, zombie computer attacks, the spread of destructive viruses, so many ways to make a fortune at the expense of citizen users and large corporations. The gradation of crime on the Internet is in the image of the media itself: a fair where individual or collective creativity takes ever more astonishing forms. Russia, USA, Estonia, Israel, our investigation leads us to the hot spots where hackers and governments face each other. We meet colorful characters like “Captain Crunch” who invented computer hacking in the 70s or the Badir brothers, three blind Palestinians, who infiltrated the systems of the IDF, the army of Israel. Cyber ​​Guerrilla first shows us how, thanks to the Internet, the underground malware industry is accumulating an arsenal of weapons of mass disruption and then explains why those who control these weapons will be able to decide the outcome of the next war.