Deo gratias

Deo Gratias can be listenned as a musical journey into the spiritual quest of humanity.
This is a strategy video game where you have the heavy task of being God. You must first create yourself and then shape other creatures that become your fervent servants. You have to know how to be nice but also terrifying! A divine competition to become the supreme being. On the way to the impenetrable paths of the excessus lied of music that creates unspeakable emotions felt as original or universal…

With hindsight and sometimes some humour, Pierre Estève mixes the spirit of various religious currents that have helped to shape, for better or worse, our brief history.

The Gregorian choirs of an electronic Kyrie, voices of ethereal priestesses, shamanic songs and incantations from beyond the grave join Tibetan bowls, and a plethora of ritual and electronic instruments to bring to the myriad gods, the fervent plea of a Humanity in search of meaning.

Time: around 45 min – 14 titles