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Now synonymous with «digital», this very popular word inspires the artist and composer Pierre Estève. From the meeting between the digital and the plant is born the installation «Digitalis», an interactive sound flowers made from recycled materials. This monumental installation composed of hundreds of mutant flowers made from recycled multi-coloured plastic bottles forms a huge fantastic forest.

Some flowers emit sounds that mix with 6 musical scenes broadcast in quadriphony, titled «Racines, Pollen, Rhizomes, Éclosion…», transpositions of the sounds of the jungle, of the breath of the wind, of the hatching of a flower bud… The blown, tapped, caressed plastic reveals unexpected sounds that music explores in constantly renewed soundscapes.

“Digitalis” proposes an active participation of the public in the work, which is revealed and takes meaning when the specterActor interacts with certain flowers. Pierre Estève develops the notion of interactivity, through which the work exists and evolves thanks to the physical and social relations of the visitors. Each “Digitale” has a different sound, the sound universe changes and diversifies according to the intensities of touch and the vagaries of the public’s interventions.

Stereopsia, Brussels (Belgium)
Jacques Prévert Theater, Villiers-le-Bel (95), France
Lino Ventura Theater, Garges-lès-Gonesse (95), France