Digitalis in Dr.Gachet's garden

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Digitalis is an interactive, plastic and sound installation that invites you to stroll
There’s an incredible new flower species growing in the Val d’Oise. It all began in the House of Doctor Gachet, where a Mother Flower, the Digitalis, grew in secret. It then swarmed, and its seeds carried by the digital winds germinated in an uncontrollable manner.
This phenomenon could eventually spread throughout the planet.

The song of the Digitales resonates delicately in Doctor Gachet’s garden. Petal rustling, digital seed outbreaks, the dissemination of sound pollens make up an atmosphere conducive to meditation.

Composed solely of plastic bottles, preforms and petrochemical industry waste, this sweet whisper carries the viewer to another dimension. Blown, hit, caressed the plastic reveals unexpected sounds that music explores in constantly renewed soundscapes.

Pierre Estève worked in situ to create this score, spatialized in the different spaces of the garden. The composition plays with the acoustics of the place, so quickly, we no longer know what comes from the musical composition, the sounds of the garden and those generated by visitors playing a counterpoint in echo with the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind.