Flowers 2.0

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Flowers 2.0 is a monumental installation composed of thousands of mutant flowers made from recycled multi-coloured plastic bottles forming a huge fantastic forest. This poetic work refers to a hybrid nature, the result of the intersection of the communication society and the Internet, based on collaboration and the recycling of what we previously considered as waste.

In the face of the new challenges of an exponentially changing global world, Flowers 2.0 questions us about our ability to reinvent ourselves individually and collectively to rethink the world. A new plant ecosystem that brings together man, what he produces, his interaction and his relationship with Nature.

2.0 refers to a system change. An evolution. A major transformation. Web 1.0, that of the 90s, was a passive web: the Internet user was only a consumer of information. Web 2.0, our website, allows Internet users to interact in an Internet that is both more technologically advanced but easier to use, more collaborative and working in networks. Thus, if the «natural» flowers are flowers 1.0, our Flowers 2.0 are the mutant flowers of a world in metamorphosis. Hybrid and digital flowers that cross nature and technology, living and plastic.

These installations illuminate the walks of passers-by as much by their aesthetics as by the ethics that translated here the artist: “At a time when all obsolete objects disappear to make room for the most beautiful, the most efficient, the most profitable, we have the choice to reuse, recycle and magnify what we have created”.

Composed of hundreds of flowers created from multi-coloured recycled transparent plastic bottles, “Flowers 2.0” has been designed to function optimally both day and night.

Festival of Lights, Lausanne, Switzerland
Atmosphere Festival, La Défense Paris, France
Hotel W, Opera House, Paris, france
Paris City Hall, France
UNESCO’s 2015 Year of Light Label, France
Label COP 22, Marrakech, Morocco