Flowers of Change

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Flowers of Change reconciles art, ecology and social
Its concept is at the heart of a new social project that raises awareness about the excesses and dysfunctions of a mode of development whose limits are now being denounced.

Flowers of Change is an awareness of the world that involves the participation of all stakeholders (citizens, companies, associations, elected representatives, etc.) in the decision-making and manufacturing process of this participatory project.

Beyond its artistic and aesthetic aspect, easy to feel and understand by a wide audience, Flowers of Change is a metaphor that shows as many people as possible that it is possible to transform a problem (waste management) into a solution: a joyful work, that embellishes spaces, the city, the gardens…

By bringing and cutting out a few bottles, each participant contributes to a giant and beautiful work, which in turn is visited by a significant number of visitors throughout the exhibition. By teaching us that in art as in ecology, that a small gesture of each one can lead us to a great result for all, Flowers of Change contributes to a collective awareness of the issues related to sustainable development.

Klanglicht, Sound and Light Festival, Graz, Austria

City of Vitry sur Seine, France

City of Orly, France

City of Alfortville, France

City of Garges-lès-Gonesse

City of Villiers-le-Bel

Festival Détours de Babel, Grenoble, France

Natural History Museum of Grenoble, France

Label COP21 , Paris, France