Forgotten Brazil

Documentary (52′)

A film by Marc Allavène d’Erlon

Production by AMPERSAND

Co-production  by STARMAGE

Original Music by Pierre Estève

Far from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the futuristic buildings of Brasilia, the Norte region of Brazil has a unique and fascinating history.
First we meet Jose Almeida dos Santos, a Sertanejo, one of those horsemen forgotten by time but who still roam the Sertao plains. In the sate of Rondonia we hear of an incredible railroad that was built at the turn of the 20th century in the depths of the Amazonian jungle to reach the rubber trees and their product that was to change the industrial world… We then move to Manaus, where, reflecting the tremendous wealth of the “Rubber Barons” and the immensity of the Amazon, a sumptuous opera house was constructed in the midst of what was then the tropical forest.
FORGOTTEN BRAZIL explores surprising nowaday stories which take their roots in Brazil history.