Friend of the Ndorobo

Directed by Jérôme Ségur – Kenya

In the south of Kenya every year, when everything is in blossom, the N’Dorobos go through the bush in search of honey. Their strange ally in this search is the “ euchoshoroi ”, a bird that has led them to the precious nectar since the beginning of time.

Kiloussou is an N’Dorobo. He lives near the Masaï Mara animal reserve. Along with his father, M’Zegobe and his young nephew Kisset, he leaves for the forest looking for honey. 

For Kiloussou’s people, honey plays a vital role. It provides food and the means to obtain cattle, but it is especially used to make a beer which is the focal point of all of the tribe’s important rites.

In the heart of the bush, Kiloussou and M’zegabe call upon their guide bird, which immediately responds and leads them to a tree.

Actually, the bird’s cooperation with the N’dorobo is not selfless.

Once the honey has been removed, the bird can eat what it likes best without fear of being stung: the wax and the larvae which the “ hunters ” let fall on the ground.

Thanks to their faithful ally, Kiloussou and his people can soon return to the village to celebrate their abundant harvest.