Kallawaya, son of lightning


Documentary series 13×52′ 

Produced by : ZED

Directed by: Jean Queyrat

Music by : Pierre Estève

“I was struck by lightning and ever since, I’ve had the power to heal.” 

Max Chura Mamani is a descendant of the doctors of the Incan kings who ruled the Andes prior to the Spanish conquest. Max’s extended scientific knowledge of over 1,000 medicinal plants astonishes western researchers. His garden lies at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the Bolivian valley of Charazani, the home of the Kallawaya.

Today, he transmits his medicinal powers to Johnny, his young disciple. Together, they travel on foot from village to village to treat the ill. In the mines of Potosi, the workers suffer terribly. They pay a heavy price for the silver they take from the earth. “I don’t sleep well, I’m tired.” Mathias is suffering from “susto”: a depression caused by the inhuman working conditions. 

Max will show Johnny how to cure Mathias, and they will both then carry on their therapeutic journey throughout the Andes.

In this magical film, Jean Queyrat brings out the profound harmony between these spiritual men of knowledge and the mountains that are inherently sacred.