Written and Directed by Jérôme SEGUR & Jean QUEYRAT

Edited by Françoise BERGER GARNAULT

Associate Producer Manuel CATTEAU

A production ZED

Original Music by Pierre ESTEVE


The extraordinary creature we know as the monkey has been an active participant in the adventure of our world since the beginning of time. His troubling resemblance to man has left its mark on our imaginations, in addition to his being at the root of a host of symbols and beliefs.

In the Hindu religion, the monkey is a revered figure. In Bali, Indonesia, the “monkey dance” recounts the epic victory of Hanuman, the monkey god, who delivered Queen Sita from the claws of the evil Ravana, the god of demons. 

In Jodhpur, in India, langur monkeys are considered to be the descendants of Hanuman’s soldiers, and a blessing for the people.

Today, big monkeys continue to fascinate us. They are a source of inspiration and even at times, fantasy. They are also of tremendous interest to scientists who hope one day to solve the mystery of man’s “closest cousins.”