Music in twilight

Sound Walking
«Music in Darkness» is a sensory installation that allows each visitor to create his own mental images, a journey through time… in the center of the earth. Mixture of «first» sounds known since the dawn of humanity: rustling of nature (water, wind…) with primitive instruments: songs, mouth bow, bamboo and bone flutes, clay ocarinas, wind harp, conch, shells, coral, lithophones, flint-cut splinters… Pierre Estève reveals the spaces of the cave through a multi-channel spatialized diffusion, exploring the nuances ranging from silence to sound bursts and thus encourages us to listen to this sanctuary, its history and ourselves.

Four sound paintings, based on prehistory, geology, information provided by the scientists who work in situ, and the personal experience of the artist during his various stays in the caves, are thus offered to the spectators.

Walking and listening in movement are part of the experience, giving a dynamic and constantly renewed reading of this sound meditation.