My Indian doctor

Coproduction : ARTE France, Artline films (France, 2012, 85mn)

Director: Simon Brook | 

Producer: Olivier Mille

Composer : Pierre Estève


Indian Summer tells the unexpected and uplifting story of a top French oncologist who travels to India with one of his former patients to try and understand how traditional Indian medicine (known as Ayurveda) cured her cancer. As the French doctor meets his colleagues in India, they discover that the Eastern and Western approaches to treatment are perhaps not as far apart as originally thought…

The true story of the life-transforming experience of Marinella Banfi, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Refusing Western medical care, she turned to Ayurveda, a type of medicine born in India 5,000 years ago,. This profoundly changed both her life and her certainties. And she was cured. Together with her Western doctor, Prof. Thomas Tursz, a world-famous oncologist, they retrace her journey to good health, confronting Western science with ancestral medicine and philosophy.

From the rice paddies of Kerala to the coconut groves of Tamil Nadu, this deeply human story about openness and hope explores the scientific and spiritual meaning of “healing.”