Abyssal music, which leads you resolutely to a strange dreamlike experience, on the edge of reason. A surreal mix of acoustic instruments from all around the world mixed with subliminal voices, crackles, squeaks, steam engine sounds and clocks.

This album strikes a perfect balance between sounds and melodies; abyssal music, surreal alchemy of Gregorian songs and steam engines.
The Underground Legends: a phantasmagorical and baroque universe.

Originally Obscura was the name of the video games: Legends of the Underground and Second World published by Canal+ Multimedia. In addition to the obscura soundtrack, there is also a CD ROM track containing many new images and icons drawn by Stéphane Levallois. Pierre Estève’s signed texts that immerse us in a simulation of a virtual society where musicians “grow” their instrument in order to become virtuosos.

Undoubtedly an OST for lovers of dark stories.

Time: 45 min – 14 titles