Retrogaming made in France

Webseries (10 x 5mn) – Producer : Audrey Ferrarese

Filmmaker: Jean-Martial Lefranc – Film editor: Fabrice Averlan

Artistic direction : Sylvain Cappelletto – Graphism : Robin Gaussé – Photographer : Antoine Prévost

Original music composed by: Pierre Estève

The series was broadcast on Arte but is no longer available. 

The 1990s saw the birth of the “French touch” of video games. Retrogaming Made in France greedily plunges into the legend of an enchanted era, to (re) discover the gameplay and outdated graphics of these “hits” which have largely influenced those of today.

Retrogaming-Made in France is the story of the origins of the video game industry in France. Ten episodes, ten cult games and their creators, such as Philippe Ulrich and Captain Blood, Eric Chahi and Another World, Eric Raynal and Alone in the Dark, Paul Cuisset with Les Voyageurs du temps or Benoit Sokal and Syberia.


The series tells the human adventure behind the creation of games: the confrontation with ever more complex machines, the difficulties between creators and producers and above all, the radical eccentricity which allowed the “darons of the video game” to prevail on the global video game scene. The resolutely ironic and distanced tone of the series benefits from the presence of Benzaie, youtubeur, who takes a tender but sharp look at these games from another time.

Retrogaming Made in France, the unpublished chronicle of a scene which contributed to the rise of a new art.