Super meduse

Directed by Pascal Cuissot and Frédéric Lossignol, with the collaboration of Benjamin Turquet

Written by Pascal Cuissot and Benjamin Turquet

Music by Pierre Estève

Jellyfish, these gelatinous masses that come to litter beaches are undoubtedly the most hated sea creatures. These strange animals have no head, heart or brain. Their completely soft body is over 95% water. To the rhythm of their pulses, jellyfish have haunted the oceans for more than 600 million years. But their primitive appearance conceals an extraordinary war machine and a formidable invader, against whom we are virtually powerless. Scientists have mobilized to prevent them from doing harm; but what they discovered continued to surprise them. Jellyfish are animals capable of changing their identity, regenerating their bodies or producing light. Some have even already found the path to immortality…