Super cockroach

Written and directed by Pascal Cuissot and Benjamin Turquet

Music Pierre Estève

The cockroach: the mention of his name is enough to inspire disgust. Reputed to be dirty, repulsive, vector of diseases, allergenic, invasive, it is the most undesirable of insects, hunted on all continents. Let’s face it, a good cockroach is a dead cockroach! However, the cockroach has another face; simple, robust, alert, fast and prolific, in the eyes of scientists he embodies a perfect creature, created for success and who has preceded us on earth. Surprisingly, these insects are an exceptional source of inspiration for science.

Because of their extraordinary locomotion capacities, they are at the heart of research on robotics … Even companies that produce insecticides use the cockroach as a model to develop their insect control products! Finally, cockroaches are the first animals on which the first mixed robot / animal companies are tested.