Super bat

Written by Florence Tran 

Directed by David Korn-Brzoza 

Music by Pierre Estève 

The bat has long inspired dread. Passionate scientists unveil the secrets of this funny creature, which fascinates researchers with its incredible qualities. For centuries, scientists have tried to unlock the secrets of the bat and its mastery of the air. Obsessed by this mammal, Buffon, Clément Ader and Leonardo da Vinci were inspired by it to design their flying machines. Lazaro Spallanzani did not hesitate to sacrifice thousands of bats to understand how they work. In vain. Today, researchers continue to wonder: How do bats manage to fly in the dark? Do they have a sixth sense? Thanks to clever ploys, Professors Jim Simmons and Donald Griffin have unraveled some of their mysteries and are unveiling them to us. 

Gold medal for documentary (science category), New York Festival 

Bronze dragon, Beijing Science and Television Festival, China