Tambopata, the Kingdom of the Aras

Directed by Benoît SEGUR

Original Idea Virginie GUITON

Photographed by Benoît SEGUR

Edited by Françoise BERGER-GARNAULT

Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED

Original music by Pierre ESTEVE

Directed by : Benoît SEGUR – Peru

In the south of Peru, where the first of the Andes Mountains meets the Amazon tropical forest, we find the reserve of Tambopata Candiamo. This protected zone of 700,000 hectares is home to the Aras, the largest parrots in the world.

In the heart of this reserve, a group of researchers have been working since 1989 to protect the Aras. This species, once present throughout all of South America, has become more and more rare. The destruction of its habitat is the primary threat, and the possibility of nesting is less and less frequent.

Aware of these problems, Donald Brightsmith and Cesar Carrasco of the Tambopata Research Center, are trying to find solutions and thus increase bird reproduction. Created by a Peruvian, Eduardo Nicander, this center is the first of its kind, and its Peruvian structure is totally independent.