The childhood of Paris

Documentary 52 mn

A film by Olivier Lemaitre
Produced by France Télévisions & Orange

Original Music by Pierre Estève

City-capital, Paris has a rich history spanning two millennia. Since the fall of the Gallic oppidum, the city has evolved into a living entity built by generations of talents and the contribution of multiple cultures. Radiant destiny and tragic stories, the fascinating adventure of Paris is a series of destruction and construction that has gradually covered the traces of the past. Every day, millions of Parisians, Ile-de-France residents and tourists unknowingly tread an ancient land. Buried under meters of concrete and asphalt, lie dormant the remains of a Gallo-Roman city made up of richly decorated houses, thermal baths, temples, theaters and residential districts. In the necropolises, thousands of men and women have taken with them the memories of the Lutecian life renowned for its gentleness and refinement. For 150 years, in a permanent race with urban construction sites, archaeologists have tried to lift the veil on the ancient life of Paris. What if today, with scientific methods, digital technology and an artistic approach, we could visit Lutèce and discover the daily life of the first Parisians? 

But what was Claudius going to do in this small provincial town: Lutetia? The young Roman’s journey through the town of Nautes de la Seine introduces us to the monuments, town planning and daily life of the “first Parisians”. Shot in 3D / 3D, the film makes actors and members of Gallo-Roman troops evolve in the settings of the ancient city reconstituted in virtual images.