Le Gardien de Nariva

Directed by : Jérôme SEGUR – Trinidad y Tobago

Edited by Françoise Benoît ALAVOINE

Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED

The Nariva reserve stretches over 7,000 hectares on the coast of Trinidad, one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean archipelago, not far from Venezuela. Nariva, with its wide variety of flora and fauna, is the largest swampland and the most important fresh water reserve in the region. For the government of Trinidad, preserving its diversity is a major ecological challenge.

Sham is the reserve’s guardian. His mission is to protect the natural habitat and the environment, as well as to prevent poaching. His primary concerns are the cayman (crocodiles), although he also looks after endangered species such as the howler, the capucine monkey and the manatee.

Sham’s job is not an easy one. Even if the reserve is not very big, he has to watch it and the areas around it, all alone, all the time. Nevertheless, he loves his work, which enables him to live in nature and get close to all sorts of animals. One day perhaps, thanks to his efforts, Nariva will be saved.