The teeth of the lake

Directed by : Jean QUEYRAT – Dominican Republic

Edited by Françoise BERGER GARNAULT

Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED

Original music by Pierre ESTEVE

In the south of the Dominican Republic, near the Haitan border, lies the largest salt water lake in the Carribean, Lake Enriquillo. Located forty meters below sea level, the lake contains the largest crocodile reserve in the Carribean.

Livio works for the National Parks Administration. Born in the Sierra de la Neiba overlooking the lake, this former coffee planter has been combing this dry, isolated region for ten years. His mission is to protect Acutus crocodiles, also known as American crocodiles. They are threatened by several dangers: the high salt content of Lake Enriquillo, twice that of the sea, and also the presence of poachers from Haiti.

Livio and his colleague Hermogénes know that protecting the crocodiles is the only way to open up their region and attract tourists. Thanks to their efforts, the reserve now contains 400 Acutus, but their mission is far from being over…