TNI Sonore

Collège Jacques Daguerre de Cormeilles-en-Parisis (95),

With the support of the Val-d’Oise General Council, established a partnership with digital artist Pierre Estève during the 2013-2014 school year. This artistic project called “TNI Sonore” aims at the creation of a living digital work, based on the images and sounds of the students’ environment, commissioned with tablets and broadcast on the TNI (Interactive Digital Board) that equips all classrooms.

Students used tablets to take photos, record videos and generate sounds based on tablet movements. The recording of the sounds was done thanks to the Zoom digital recorders lent by the MDE95 as part of CreaTice. The catchment work took place in the buildings of the college, in the courtyard and in the vicinity of the college. This project was carried out by the students of the computer option SUN (Science and Uses of Digital) in class of 4th degree, they themselves set up their own digital project.

The following video presents behind the scenes of the “TNI Sonore” project as well as a rehearsal and a concert:

Restitution Abbey of Maubuisson. (95) Ile de France