Megalithes forgotten World

Movies Mégalithes : forgotten Epistemea Production Directed by Howard Crowhurst  Documentary fiction Music Composed by Pierre Estève Thousands of years ago, before the Romans, before the Greeks, even before the Ancient Empire of Egypt, an unknown people erected megalithic monuments on Earth.  Their works cross continents and millennia, which makes us think that they are […]

From Cro-Magnon to Soulages, a prehistoric contemporean art

Movies From the cro-magnon to soulages, contemporary prehistoric art A film by Jean-Paul Jouary & Jean-Michel Agnoux Format: 16/9 – 1×52’ – Colour – HDProduction: UN FILM À LA PATTE & L’ENVOLWith the participation of FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONSFundings: Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animéeFirst broadcaster: France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine TECHNICAL CREW:Image: Philippe Pichon & Nicolas SourdeySound: […]

Retrogaming made in France

Movies Retrogaming made in France Webseries (10 x 5mn) – Producer : Audrey Ferrarese Filmmaker: Jean-Martial Lefranc – Film editor: Fabrice Averlan Artistic direction : Sylvain Cappelletto – Graphism : Robin Gaussé – Photographer : Antoine Prévost Original music composed by: Pierre Estève The series was broadcast on Arte but is no longer available.  The […]

Olympia : origin’s games

Movies Olympia : origin’s games Let’s come back in the stadium of the first olympics ! Documentary 52mn Director : Olivier LemaîtreProduction : Séquana média/Kalisté for France Télévisions Original Music : Pierre Estève Throughout the history of Ancient Greece, its renown civilization saw cities compete in  wars.However, the fighters always  knew when to find an occasion for […]

Child of Yak

Movies Child of Yak A Short film by Christophe Boula Produced by Sesama Production Production year : 2010 Synopsis On the Tibetan hights, a couple of farmers live with around thirty yaks. Their only child is a seven-year-old girl named Lhamo. While their life passes by peacefully, the family has the visit from a Tibetan militiaman who exhorts the parents […]

A world of cabins

Movies A world of cabins Documentary 52′ A film by Olivier Comte Produced by Program33 For France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine Original Music by Pierre Estève Synopsis Un monde de cabanes is a poetic and philosophical essay. Shelter for the first men, the uprooted, the poor, the cabin is a place of practical and poetic imagination. […]

The garden in motion

Movies The garden in motion Documentaire 52 mn A film by Olivier Comte Original Music by Pierre Estève This film traces the atypical career of Gilles Clément, gardener and landscape architect, but also writer. Marked by ecology, he called into question the art of gardens at the end of the 20th century, with the Garden […]

Sowers of joy

Movies Sowers of joy, Himalayas to the Adamans SUMMARY In the Himalayan valley of Zanskar, a nunnery from another era is the home of a group of remarkable Buddhist nuns. These nuns, with generous hearts and a joyfulness which is contagious, have received little education and have never left their mountain region. Over the past […]

Another American Dream

Movies Another American Dream France | 2016 | 52 minutes & 84 minutes A film by Simon Brook A Different American Dream is a 2016 American documentary film by Simon Brook and Jane I. Wells. It was produced by 3 Generations and Brook Productions. In 2016, the film was selected for a number of festivals, including the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Margaret […]

Kallawaya, son of lightning

Movies Kallawaya, son of lightning LIVING CULTURES COLLECTION Documentary series 13×52′  Produced by : ZED Directed by: Jean Queyrat Music by : Pierre Estève “I was struck by lightning and ever since, I’ve had the power to heal.”  Max Chura Mamani is a descendant of the doctors of the Incan kings who ruled the Andes prior […]