Atlantis Evolution

Albums Atlantis Evolution by Pierre Estève Atlantis Evolution 16 ans après sa précédente incursion dans la saga des jeux vidéo Atlantis, Pierre Estève revient explorer les rivages musicaux et sonores de cet univers mythique. Atlantis Evolution constitue une nouvelle odyssée musicale imaginée à partir de la bande originale du quatrième opus de la série. Durant […]

Atlantis II – Beyond Atlantis

Albums Atlantis II by Pierre Estève Atlantis 2, beyond Atlantis Atlantis II immerses you in dreamlike dimensions through space and time.A musical odyssey that takes you to Tibet, China, Ireland, Yucatan, the remnants of Atlantis. Through the vibrations of the Celtic harp, the drumbeats of a pre-Columbian Bombo 33th or the sound of Tibetan bowls, […]

Atlantis – The Lost Tales

Albums Atlantis: The Lost Tales by Pierre Estève & Stéphane Picq Atlantis – The lost tales In addition to music, discover in Atlantis’ double album The Lost Tales, the original drawings of this mythical adventure game. Seth’s interactive travel diary will take you into the imaginary world of Atlantis aboard his flying ship. The music, […]


Albums Obscura by Pierre Estève Obscura Abyssal music, which leads you resolutely to a strange dreamlike experience, on the edge of reason. A surreal mix of acoustic instruments from all around the world mixed with subliminal voices, crackles, squeaks, steam engine sounds and clocks. This album strikes a perfect balance between sounds and melodies; abyssal […]

Black Moon Chronicles

Albums Black Moon Chronicles by Pierre Estève Black Moon Chronicles A titanic opera for symphony orchestra, percussion and mixed choir. The music composed by Pierre Estève is a must-see for all lovers of epics and heroic fantasy. The chorus of angels and the telluric rumble of drums combine with the fury of the brass create […]


Albums Dracula by Pierre Estève Dracula The score, resolutely modern and original, takes the opposite of the musical treatment usually reserved for Count Dracula. Prepared electric guitars are played with knives and other incongruous objects to get squeaks, larsens and parasitic vibrations. Drones, analog pedals and electroacoustic treatments add their grating rumblings to the voices […]

Deo Gratias

Albums Deo Gratias by Pierre Estève Deo gratias Deo Gratias can be listenned as a musical journey into the spiritual quest of humanity.This is a strategy video game where you have the heavy task of being God. You must first create yourself and then shape other creatures that become your fervent servants. You have to […]

Dragon Lore II

Albums Dragon Lore II by Pierre Estève Dragon Lore II Back in a fantastic Middle Ages with the soundtrack of the video game Dragon Lore II. The adventures of Werner von Wallenrod, in search of the title of Dragon Knight are the common thread of the music that, through 25 epic pieces, oscillates between lyrical […]