Music in twilight

Art Music in twilight Sound Walking«Music in Darkness» is a sensory installation that allows each visitor to create his own mental images, a journey through time… in the center of the earth. Mixture of «first» sounds known since the dawn of humanity: rustling of nature (water, wind…) with primitive instruments: songs, mouth bow, bamboo and […]

Flowers of Change

Art Flowers of Change Previous Next Flowers of Change reconciles art, ecology and socialIts concept is at the heart of a new social project that raises awareness about the excesses and dysfunctions of a mode of development whose limits are now being denounced. Flowers of Change is an awareness of the world that involves the […]


Art Lithophone Sound SculptureLines scratched in schist of Norway. Assembled to sing better, they are tuned with each other and invite the “spect-Actors” to hit them. Struck, they reveal then their telluric wisdom and fascinate those who let themselves be carried away by the beauty of their resonance. Agora of Rethel, FranceFriche Kodak, Sevran , […]

Flowers 2.0

Art Flowers 2.0 Previous Next Flowers 2.0 is a monumental installation composed of thousands of mutant flowers made from recycled multi-coloured plastic bottles forming a huge fantastic forest. This poetic work refers to a hybrid nature, the result of the intersection of the communication society and the Internet, based on collaboration and the recycling of […]

Magnetic singing

Art Magnetic singing Previous Next Sound Installation, 30 characters in recycled video tapes, installed on Gavrinis’ Island – Morbihan, FranceThe singers’ hair made of magnetic stripes rustles as soon as the breeze rises. So when the wind blows the singers start singing. Agora of Rethel , France Friche Kodak, Sevran, France Mac Paris, France Nice […]

Vox natura

Art Vox natura Usually planted in the heart of parks, vegetable gardens, exotic gardens, giant flowers, multicolored, and bright unfold in a mutant and fantastic nature. Sensitive to the slightest breath of wind, this magical field comes alive in the evening of another movement created by the imperceptible movements of light. Progressive sliding from one shade to […]


Art Air Previous Next Sound Installation dedicated to the wind. Bay of Somme (France)Metal strings stretched and producing vibratory sounds modulated with the wind and its intensity. Clicking sounds, whistlings, beatings of the cosmic breath.

Digitalis in Dr. Gachet’s garden

Art Digitalis in Dr.Gachet’s garden Previous Next Digitalis is an interactive, plastic and sound installation that invites you to strollThere’s an incredible new flower species growing in the Val d’Oise. It all began in the House of Doctor Gachet, where a Mother Flower, the Digitalis, grew in secret. It then swarmed, and its seeds carried […]

Plastic Jungle

Art Plastic Jungle Flowers of Change, the flowers of the anthropocene. Based on his sound sculptures, composer and multidisciplinary artist Pierre Estève explores the musical universe of the plastic world with students from several colleges. The artistic objective will be to manufacture, compose, interpret, record and publicly reproduce a mixed and electronic work from sounds […]

Roc Gongs

Art Roc gong Interactive installation for sound stones. Phonolite of Auvergne This interactive installation for sound stones brings together several sound sculptures. It invites you to explore the musical universe of the mineral kingdom. Symbol of timelessness, clear, crystalline and silky, dark, hoarse or veiled, the stone that was thought dense, heavy and inert is […]