EGYPTE: temples saved from the Nile

Movies EGYPTE : temples saved from the Nile Documentary 90 mn / 52 mn A film by Olivier Lemaitre Production Sequana Media for Histoire Music by Pierre Estève Returning from southern Egypt, travelers reported the existence of temples between the Nubian desert and the Nile. Majestic colossi of stones emerging from the sands guarded its […]


Movies Baraka SHORT-FILM, FICTION, 25′, 2019 Synopsis:Saman lives in the Coptic district of Mokattam in Cairo. Every morning, he goes with his father to collect and sort rubbish and give food waste to their pigs. One day in April, the Egyptian military government orders the slaughter of all the pigs in Mokattam. Saman decides to […]

The childhood of Paris

Movies The childhood of Paris Documentary 52 mn A film by Olivier LemaitreProduced by France Télévisions & Orange Original Music by Pierre Estève SynopsisCity-capital, Paris has a rich history spanning two millennia. Since the fall of the Gallic oppidum, the city has evolved into a living entity built by generations of talents and the contribution […]

The obelisk odyssey

Movies The obelisk odyssey THE OBELISK ODYSSEYThe two lives of the Luxor/La concorde Obelisk Documentary 52 mn Directed by Olivier Lemaitre Musique Pierre Estève “The Obelisk Odyssey” intersects the two lives of the obelisk (an ancient building under Ramses II and a monument in Paris), focusing as much on its architecture as on the actors […]

The Fidel Bird

Movies The Fidel Bird Directed by : Jean QUEYRAT – Cuba Edited by Françoise BERGER GARNAULT (CST) Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED Original music by Pierre ESTEVE Fidel works for the Los Indios bird sanctuary on the island of Juventud in southwestern Cuba. His primary mission is to observe bird behaviors, especially that of […]

The Guardian of Nariva

Movies Le Gardien de Nariva Directed by : Jérôme SEGUR – Trinidad y Tobago Edited by Françoise Benoît ALAVOINE Produced by Manuel CATTEAU / ZED The Nariva reserve stretches over 7,000 hectares on the coast of Trinidad, one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean archipelago, not far from Venezuela. Nariva, with its wide variety […]


Movies BAAKA OPERA LIVING CULTURES COLLECTION Documentary series 13×52′  Produced by : ZED Directed by: Jean Queyrat Music by : Pierre Estève “We are like birds. They don’t stay still … They land for a moment on a branch, then fly off somewhere else.” The Baaka Pygmies are like elves. They live in the forest, hidden […]

The vaping not dead

Movies The vaping not dead Short film A film by Dominique Aubert Music Pierre Estève Synopsis “Opponents of vaping are leading us into a violent fight”. Between the cigarette lobbies and the vapers, war is declared. With humor and parodying the series The Walking Dead, The vaping [not] dead is an ambitious short film, produced […]

Forgotten Brazil

Movies Forgotten Brazil Documentary (52′) A film by Marc Allavène d’Erlon Production by AMPERSAND Co-production  by STARMAGE Original Music by Pierre Estève Far from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the futuristic buildings of Brasilia, the Norte region of Brazil has a unique and fascinating history.First we meet Jose Almeida dos Santos, a Sertanejo, […]